the othmann way

Redefining the standards
of service and support

Othmann delivers more than just innovative piping systems—we create a personalised customer experience and offer professional support to all our clients and partners. 

Every project that we take on is important to us, which is why our comprehensive service goes beyond standard plan estimates and piping conversions. Our team of experts will guide and assist you every step of the way, from day one to project completion and upkeep, to ensure a worry-free experience.

On-site HDPE installation demo by Othmann Technical Engineer

Our Signature Services

Project design and isometric sketches

Project Consultations

Our service begins even before your project hits the ground. Our team of experts can collaborate with you to determine the piping system that best suits your project. You can always expect honest recommendations with your benefit and success in mind.

Piping Design Assistance

In addition to plan estimates, Othmann and Ottilie are the only suppliers in the Philippines that can provide detailed design support—such as Proplanner and Autodesk—to your MEP designers and engineers.

If you are looking to use Geberit Sovent or Siphonic technologies in your projects, we also convert, create, and proof your plumbing plans to ensure operational success for you and your clients.

Othmann Technical Engineer training Plumbers on HDPE SDR11 Tools

Technical and Installation Support

We pride ourselves in our strong technical expertise and our hands-on approach to providing assistance. Our team stays ahead of problems by identifying, assessing, and informing you of any site installation concerns to prevent them from becoming operational issues.

We aim to deliver the same quality of service in the new normal. To address health and safety concerns, we have strengthened our online support system and implemented the necessary safety protocols in cases where on-site contact is required.

Our technical support covers:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Plumber and Tools Training
  • Installation and Handling Guidelines
  • Site Inspections and Online Walkthroughs
  • Technical Project Reports