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The 21st century drainage system solution

Sosoon HDPE is the innovative, reliable, and safe piping solution against rust, corrosion, and sediment buildup in your drainage systems—offering a high-quality and cost-effective alternative for cast iron pipes. Tried and tested for decades, HDPE systems can give you significant cost savings in material, labor, maintenance while ensuring safety and quality that lasts longer than conventional drainage pipes.

As the first to introduce HDPE piping systems in the Philippines, Ottilie continues to support piping innovations for the comfort, safety, and success of our clients. We are always ready to provide assistance especially if you are looking to update or replace your cast iron pipes with an HDPE system.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Ottilie Marketing, Inc.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Ottilie Marketing, Inc.

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Save more on a simpler solution.

Enjoy 48% cost savings on material and labor costs with Sosoon HDPE
versus traditional metal pipe systems.


Cheaper than Cast Iron



Lightweight and easy to install

Features and Technology

Now one of the most trusted piping systems for drainage applications, HDPE is the choice of many developers and high-end residential designers for its overall cost-efficiency and outstanding durability and leak-proof qualities.

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Sosoon HDPE P-Trap Fitting
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Significant cost savings
From material to labor and maintenance, HDPE systems are substantially cheaper to use than traditional cast iron and 2-stack systems. In addition, Sosoon uses prefabricated modules to reduce effort and time required in installation.

Accurate and precise assembly
This HDPE drainage system is assembled through a glue-free process where connections are joined using heat fusion technology to create a watertight system. Prefabricated modules also allow for underground pipes to be embedded in concrete.

Expertly designed and developed
Engineered using the most advanced Chinese technology that adheres to international standards, Sosoon HDPE demonstrates excellent resistance against even the harshest chemicals to ensure reliability and safety over a longer period of time.

Sosoon Projects

Reliable, affordable, and cost-effective, Sosoon HDPE is trusted by many developers in the Philippines for a range of projects:
from high-rise condominiums, hotels and resorts, to office, commercial, and industrial developments.