Geberit HDPE, Sovent and Pluvia Fittings
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Meet a global driving force in drainage solutions. This Swiss-led pioneer has been pushing the industry forward for decades, advancing plumbing and drainage designs and introducing innovations such as the single-stack Sovent System, SuperTube technology, and siphonic roof drainage.

Backed by Geberit’s technological innovations and progressive design philosophy, Othmann and Ottilie provide design and technical assistance to ensure safe, clean, and odor-free drainage installations for Geberit projects across the country.

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For your convenience, our team will assist you with your inquiry or purchase should you be interested in any product from the Geberit group.

When you choose Geberit, you choose tried and tested drainage innovations from the sanitation experts. Together with Othmann and Ottilie, this group has been providing reliable, high-quality drainage systems to Filipino households and buildings since 2004.

We carry out smooth and worry-free installations for even the most complex projects. To date, our success rate in the Philippines is at 100%.

Over 15 years of excellence
in sanitary design.

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Technology and Expertise

A passion for innovation, intelligent design principles, and impeccable Swiss engineering drive Geberit to create drainage solutions and products that make a difference.

In Geberit’s own R&D laboratory in Jona, Switzerland, their product range undergoes rigorous testing up to 200,000 times to simulate up to 50 years of product use in just 3 months. Through this strict and detail-oriented method, the Geberit group makes sure that the highest quality and hygienic standards are met.

Geberit Group Drainage Solutions

Geberit Sovent System with Water Flow
Geberit HDPE

The backbone of Geberit's sanitary innovations, Geberit HDPE is known for its durability and material strength. These qualities have made it the go-to alternative to cast iron and PVC pipes.

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Geberit Isolmat
Geberit Isolmat

Using noise-absorbing technology, Geberit Isol Mat turns any drainage system into a silent haven, enhancing comfort in critical areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, meeting rooms, and the like.

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Geberit Pluvia Roof Outlet components and parts
Geberit Pluvia

Superior performance even under heavy rainfall. Geberit Pluvia is a siphonic roof drainage system that is ideal for warehouses and large roof areas, maximising space with fewer downspouts and zero slopes.

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Clean Comb Insert of Geberit Cleanline Shower Channel
Geberit CleanLine

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award under the Product Design category, Geberit CleanLine is a sophisticated shower channel crafted to bring together luxury, convenience, and perfect hygiene.

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Geberit HDPE Sovent Fitting
Geberit Sovent

The trusted single-stack drainage system. Locally, Othmann and Ottilie boast the most number of successful Sovent system installations with a perfect record: 100% safe, hygienic, and odor-free.

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Geberit Group Projects

As one of the global leaders in sanitary design and technology, Geberit is widely trusted and sought
out for high-rise buildings, private residences, and industrial developments.