Wexan HDPE, Corrugated and PP-R Pipes and Fittings
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Othmann, together with the Wexan Group, pioneered the first wave of true German-standard, China-made PP-R pipes in the Philippines in 2005. Since then, Wexan has changed the game for piping: delivering innovative products that boast enhanced durability, ease of installation, and higher cost savings for any project ranging from townships to residential complexes and private buildings.

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Made with 100% virgin
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Technology and Expertise

Wexan is produced in partnership with one of the largest Chinese PP-R pipe manufacturers: Weixing NBM. This world-class group is proudly taking the lead in technological innovations, establishing 6 research and development centers dedicated to advancing the piping industry.

Trusted for using superior technology and equipment, Wexan piping systems are engineered using only cutting-edge German KraussMaffei machines and European resins—guaranteeing reliable quality and unparalleled strength in every pipe.

To find out more about how Wexan piping systems are manufactured, watch this video.

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Wexan Group Piping Systems

3 pieces of Wexan PPR PN20 White Pipes
Wexan Pipeline

The first genuine German-engineered PP-R in the Philippines, Wexan Pipeline is the industry benchmark for consistently reliable and cost-effective PP-R water distribution systems.

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Wexan PP-RCT Pipes, Elbow, Tee, and Gate Valve
Wexan PP-RCT

The game changer for PP-R piping. Wexan PP-RCT boasts higher impact resistance and stronger operating pressure at elevated temperatures—best for high-rise buildings and offices.

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Wexan HDPE SDR11 Buttfusion Pipes and Fittings
Wexan HDPE

Leakproof, flexible, and resistant to corrosion—Wexan HDPE prevents the need for repeated maintenance in mainline water distribution systems, above-ground pipelines, and more.

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Double Walled Corrugated PE with Smooth Inner Walls
Wexan Corrugated PE

With smooth inner walls, lightweight materials, and patented O-ring push-fit technology, Wexan Corrugated PE boasts quick and easy installations, leak-proof piping for large-scale drainage projects, and enhanced strength. No heavy lifting required.

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Wexan Group Projects

The Wexan group has a comprehensive portfolio of projects, supplying piping solutions to
thousands of private buildings, high-rise towers, and community developments.