Wexan HDPE SDR11 Electrofusion Pipes and Fittings
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With outstanding resistance and exceptional durability, Wexan HDPE SDR 11 is designed to withstand demanding situations and harsh conditions. This high-strength piping solution is ideal for public or private water mains, underground water systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and chilled water systems, and other industrial pipelines, making it widely trusted for above-ground applications in the Philippines.

To guarantee successful and error-free installations, Othmann provides technical support and installation training for the Wexan HDPE SDR 11 piping system. In addition to lending you the necessary tools to install the system (with no additional purchases required), our team will also guide you on the ins and outs of its installation and operation.

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Made with 100% virgin
LyondellBasell raw materials

Features and Technology

The Wexan HDPE SDR 11 piping system is part of Othmann’s portfolio of true German-engineered, China-made pipes—a range of cost-effective, high-quality solutions using cutting-edge technology.

Wexan HDPE SDR11 Buttfusion Pipes and Fittings
Wexan HDPE Pipe SDR 11
HDPE Electrofusion Fittings

Made with 100% virgin Hostalen PE100 Resins
PE100 resins are proven to be stronger and more durable than PE80 resins, allowing higher operating pressure. Wexan HDPE SDR 11 piping systems use PE100 resins from LyondellBasell: one of the largest plastics, chemicals, and refining companies in the world.

Zero-Leak Jointing Technology
Compared to steel or PVC piping, Wexan HDPE SDR 11 ensures 100% leak-proof jointing by using heat fusion and electrofusion technologies. This enables homogenous connections, eliminating repairs and pipe relayings caused by leaks and cracks.

Up to 1200 mm pipe sizes and fittings
Wexan HDPE SDR 11 offers the widest range of sizes for all your system requirements.

Maintenance-free for 50 years
Wexan HDPE SDR 11 boasts one of the lowest life cycle costs thanks to its impressive resistance against chemicals, weather, and impact. Matched with Othmann’s comprehensive tools training and site support, you can rest easy when it comes to your project.

Wexan HDPE SDR 11 Projects

Through the years, many high-rise residences and commercial developments in the Philippines
have trusted Wexan HDPE SDR 11 for their mainline water distribution.


Along with Wexan Corrugated PE and Wexan Pipeline PP-R, Wexan HDPE SDR 11 is ideal
for use in community-wide and industrial water supply and drainage systems.