Geberit Pluvia Siphonic Roof Outlet with water flowing through HDPE
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Extract rain the intelligent way.

As the world undergoes unpredictable weather shifts, an efficient roof drainage system can protect structures of all sizes from weather hazards such as flash floods and heavy rains. Recommended for large roof areas such as on warehouses, the Geberit Pluvia siphonic stormwater drainage system utilises negative pressure to drain roofs efficiently and reliably even under the heaviest rainfall.

A world leader in sovent drainage technology and siphonic roof drainage with millions of units installed in more than 30 countries, Geberit delivers innovation and quality piping systems in the Philippines backed by Othmann’s holistic service, design expertise, and installation support.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Ottilie Marketing, Inc.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Ottilie Marketing, Inc.

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Geberit Pluvia reduces roof outlets and downspouts by up to 40%, helping you maximise usable space and minimise construction costs without compromising quality. This innovative system also eliminates the need for slopes to give you greater design freedom without worrying about leaking roofs.

Fewer downspouts, faster
discharge, lesser overflow.

How it works

Under normal rainfall, Geberit Pluvia acts like a traditional gravity-induced roof drainage system. But as rainfall intensity increases and the gutter and piping system are quickly filled with water, the Pluvia siphonic roof outlet activates, eliminating air within the discharge stacks to create negative pressure. This induces a powerful vacuum effect that rapidly drains large amounts of rainwater at smaller pipe sizes with zero slopes.

Learn more about this intelligent design at work by 
watching this video:

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Requires fewer roof outlets and discharge stacks
for more space and material savings

Higher flow rates with smaller pipe diameters compared
to gravity systems

The high-velocity siphonic system prevents blockages and
acts as a self-cleaning mechanism, minimising the need for
regular maintenance


Reliable and economical, Geberit Pluvia offers numerous advantages over conventional roof drainage systems and affords architects and designers maximum design freedom.

Geberit HDPE Siphonic Drainage Roof Outlet
Geberit Pluvia Roof Outlet components and parts
Geberit HDPE Buttfusion and Electrofusion Jointing

Up to 40% less roof outlets and downspouts
Utilising negative pressure, siphonic drainage systems are more powerful and efficient than conventional roof drainage systems. Geberit Pluvia drains large areas quickly with fewer downpipes and roof outlets at up to 100 li/s of discharge capacity.

Maximise usable space. Zero slopes required.
Compared to traditional roof drainage systems, Geberit Pluvia’s design lets you downsize pipes from 160-200 mm drainage stacks to 110 mm pipes without the standard 2% slope requirement.

From Geberit: The leading experts in European sanitary technology
At the forefront of innovative, sustainable, and hygienic solutions in Europe, every product and system from the Geberit group is guaranteed to follow high sanitary standards and quality.

Comprehensive design and technical support
Receive technical design and installation support from start to finish. Geberit provides in-depth design consultation and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis of your roof drainage project. Globally, Geberit has over three decades of experience in designing siphonic systems.

Geberit Pluvia Projects

Because of its cost-efficiency and reliability, Geberit Pluvia is the tried-and-tested solution for millions of projects around the globe. In the Philippines,
it is a trusted name in stormwater drainage, especially for structures with large roof areas such as high-rise condominiums and warehouses.