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Fires are one of the biggest hazards to any home or business. As the first line of defense, fire suppression and sprinkler systems are essential to the safety and security of any structure, potentially preventing massive loss of life and property. Manufactured by Asung, the leader in Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride (CPVC) sprinkler systems in Korea, Flameblock CPVC is the safer and more reliable alternative to traditional Black Iron systems, designed to resist high temperatures and pressure to deliver effective fire suppression at the crucial moment.

In addition to the many advantages of CPVC in terms of ease of maintenance, superior flow rates, and long service life, each Flameblock pipe and fitting is carefully inspected to guarantee quality for your peace of mind.

100% made in Korea. Approved by the Korean Fire Institute (KFI).

100% made in Korea. Approved by the Korean Fire Institute (KFI).

Free from worries,
and extra costs.

Compared to traditional black iron piping systems, CPVC fire sprinkler
systems are highly durable and require zero maintenance after installation,
making them more cost-efficient in the long run.

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repiping required, ever


rust and corrosion free


lighter than metal systems

Features and Technology

A highly effective alternative to steel and black iron pipes, CPVC is recommended for light-hazard occupancies for its zero maintenance and simple installation.


No repiping or repairs required. Ever.
Flameblock CPVC is completely immune to rust and corrosion, ensuring superior flow and blockage prevention without the need for any maintenance throughout its 50-year service life.

Quick and easy installation
Utilising CPVC material that is 80% lighter than black iron, Flameblock is fast and easy to install through solvent cement joining.

Superior hydraulics and minimal friction loss
Compared to black iron with a C-factor of 120, CPVC has a C-factor of 150, which means less friction and better water flow. The smooth inner surface of CPVC pipes is highly resistant to the scaling and corrosion that causes friction build up and inefficient water delivery that rougher black iron pipes can develop over time. Smoother pipes also enable fire protection designers to reduce pipe sizes and fire pump horsepower for better cost-efficiency.

100% Made in Korea
Flameblock is manufactured by A-sung, the leading manufacturer of CPVC pipes in Korea with the largest number of extrusion machines in any CPVC factory in Asia, and certified by the Korean Fire Institute (KFI).

Flameblock Projects

Flameblock CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems are used in a variety of private and commercial occupancies in the Philippines,
ranging from offices, hospitals, and hotels and resorts, and other institutional projects.